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to help implement and monitor its sector reform pilot programme more effectively, the Union rural development ministry recently signed an agreement with the World Bank's Water and Sanitation

The Supreme Court of Nepal has issued a mandamus to the government for controlling the quality of the water resources and setting standards for curbing pollution. The court's decision comes a year

Investment in water is an insurance against poverty and drought. Down To Earth reporters visited the eight villages below during the droughts of 2000 and 2001. These villages have several years of

us companies operating in Europe have rejected a plan to introduce lower sales tax rates on ecolabelled products, saying it is "backward looking and innovation stifling.' Tax incentives for

Nations manage to resuscitate the Kyoto Protocol by a watered down agreement

Economic Instruments EIs need to be launched carefully in India

The Thai government will use the satellites of the National Aeronautical Space Administration ( nasa ) to assess the spread of the country's worst outbreak of malaria in five years. The

the Union government's consultative group on land and water care has launched a land care movement for fostering community-centred food and water security system in nine states. This is a follow

The Rajasthan government believes that it has a right over every raindrop and makes a move to demolish a water harvesting structure set up by local people to meet their water requirements

Facing its worst drought in 90 years, South Korea has mobilised a fifth of its military force to help combat the situation. At least 130,000 troops were sent to 90 worst-hit regions armed with