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The US used partnerships to counter multilateralism

Veteran UN negotiator and head of the UNEP during the Rio summit, Mostafa Tolba, reasons why developing countries always suffer at the hands of developed countries

An acute water shortage for irrigation has surfaced in the United Arab Emirates (uae) due to expanding agricultural activity. The groundwater level is plummeting at an alarming rate, the demand for

Shifting of industries to Bawana will affect groundwater reserves

Rivers that flow from Mount Kenya are drying up, triggering an acute shortage of water in regions straddling the waterbodies. The crisis has impacted the semi-arid Laikipia district the most. To add

DJB s packaged water Jal not quite the answer to Delhi s water woes

Typhoon Rusa

The summit suffered from a crisis of trust

Going thirsty in the Kerala backwaters

The needs of many were once again compromised to accommodate the demands of a powerful few. Given the alarming tilt towards self interest and unilateralism by the rich, will the concerns of poor countries ever be addressed in global negotiations?