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Painted storks, spoonbills, ducks, pelicans and black-winged stilts

For Sri Lanka

GEOENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS IN HIMALAYA . Bindhy Wasini Pandey . Published by Mittal Publications . New Delhi . 2002 . 430 pages This book is a research-based

In a strange twist to the raging lumber dispute between the us and Canada, both nations have interpreted a recent World Trade Organisation (wto) ruling on the issue as a vindication of their

NI ARK (1984-2001) New Internationalists Publications . Oxford . 2002 In a deluge of suspect information you need the New Internationalist Ark (NI Ark) to keep you

Finally, there's incontrovertible evidence to confirm what was always known to be behind the capital's water woes: illegal usage and leakage. Official supplier Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has calculated

A Bangalore slum experiments with ecofriendly toilets

Leaks and cracks seem to trail the Delhi Jal Board (djb) forever. It is now the turn of their bottled water scheme

A few forgotten villages in remote corners of India have declared themselves self ruled republics to gain control over their natural resources. Down To Earth meets the villagers to discover how they have kept their tryst with destiny