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Afghanistan, the badland of international politics, faces its toughest challenge: life and peace. Two decades of war, six months of non stop bombing and incessant US efforts to establish a friendly government, make this a bitter dream. One tenth of its po

Demands made by the All India Conference of Heads of Panchayats for the state and Union governments to implement within December 31, 2002. • Hold elections to Panchayats; • State

Thirst pangs lead to violence in various states

Heads of panchayats arrived in the Capital to demand the power to effectively run the traditional self government

Water tankers are cashing in on water shortage in Karachi. Residents of the water-starved localities have complained that private water tankers are charging between Rs 450 and Rs 500 per tanker. The

Trespassers moved: The glory of Dal lake is being revived. Thirteen hotels situated in the lake area are being shifted to Humhama near

People in Andhra Pradesh now need official consent to sink new wells

LESTER Brown, founder of Worldwatch Institute, recently published the book 'Eco-Economy' - an ambitious and broad sketch of a new global economy that prioritises the ecological imperatives of our

This policy emphasises planning, development and management of water resources in a national perspective through a well-developed information system and river basin organisations for the integrated and multidisciplinary management of entire drainage basins. It has prioritised water allocation

Dada, as a child in a Marathi family, was a witness to the discordant practices. But unlike most people, he couldn't turn a Nelson's eye to existing conventions. Finally in 1958, he founded Swadhyaya