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The slump in rainfall, as experienced in most parts of South Africa, will result in a severe spell of prolonged drought, according to a warning issued by the Kenya Meteorological Department (

This new device will ensure that plants grown in the desert do not lack water

Water trains aren t a strange sight anymore. Not the least in the parched areas of Gujarat. But while many villages await their erratic supply, residents of villages such as Raj Samadiyala in Rajkot district believe it is a shame to get government wat

a huge underground reservoir filled with water has been discovered by a mining company in West Australia. According to the company's officials, there is enough water in the reservoir to supply Perth

A public hearing will be held to decide

An international meeting on phasing out deadly pesticides has just come a cropper

Researchers try to find out how cells seek direction

It is unfortunate that the conflicts arising over water issues are dealth with by force

Japanese scientists have discovered a new material that can grow new cells in the human body

Delegates came and talked but failed to arrive at any conclusions at the World Water Forum