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The prohibitive costs and some expert suggestions to bring them down

The diffusion of infotech happens at varying speeds at various levels. The speed at which the technology spreads its reach in an industrialised country is 243 times the speed at which it can impact a

While UK faces increased incidence of floods, the US water resources are threatened by global warming

the genetic makeup of a plant has been deciphered for the first time by a team of scientists. The decoding of the genetic makeup of Arabidopsis thaliana , also known as thale cress, will

Fighting the drought preoccupies the new government. Charting a mining policy to explore the rich mineral deposits is next on the agenda

The process of alienating people from natural resources has not stopped, even with the attainment of statehood

Most politicians and activists see the Forest Conservation Act as a hurdle towards empowering the tribal population. They want the act amended

Rich in natural resources but extremely poor, the three new states are in need of a new strategy for development. But no blueprints have been drawn so far. DOWN TO EARTH reports on the posers thrown up by the birth of Chattisgarh, Uttaranchal and J

The Ramsar Convention of IUCN held in 1971 in Iran raised global

This publication documents traditions, practices technologies and policies of water harvesting in the country. It also assesses state government efforts to deal with drought. The book has a clear message for the thirsty times ahead: Water must be made everybody's business.