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How to create real estate out of waterbodies

Mexico's proposed plan to pay off its long-standing water debt to the us within five years is ambitious but not substantial. The plan put forward by the national water commission calls for

The Valencia water tribunal has stood strong for a thousand years; will modern day pressures crush its influence?

Toxins present in the environment can invade almost every part pf the child's body.

Supreme Court order may benefit Andaman natives

Taiwan's biggest security threat has brought it relief from a severe drought. For the first time in 50 years, a ship delivered 2,300 metric tonnes of water from China to a tiny Matsu island in

The water thirsty capital is the perfect example of how not to manage water. Tracing where the three billion litres disappear everyday

Totladoh s turbulent history

Brazil is set to challenge the controversial us farm subsidy programme. It is likely to file a case with the World Trade Organisation (wto) regarding the farm bill that would deprive the

Battle lines are drawn as drought proofing remains a distant dream