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The Indian pulp and paper industry reacts positively to the first Green Rating Project conducted by Centre for Science and Environment

Amid private companies high tech solutions to the water crisis, CSE presents a decentralised view of water management

A man made lake will flood dozens of recently unearthed mosaics, from the once glorious Roman town of Zeugma. The city that stood here 2,000 years ago, Zeugma, was at the eastern edge of the Roman

The focus is on development of hydropower, industries and food production: how sustainably can the targets be achieved?

Community management of natural resources is still in the nascent stage

It s not about fighting the problem later, it s about pre empting the problem. Measures against air pollution and plastics are all about taking proactive measures

It is an intriguing view from the high mountains of Bhutan. To the east lies Nepal, grappling large scale environmental degradation. To the north and south, China and India, overwhelmed by the pressure of 2 billion people. Several examples of what Bhutan

The Union mini

if an efficient water management system is guaranteed, people are willing to pay for clean water. According to a study carried out by Purnamita Dasgupta of the Institute of Economic Growth in

The people of Bichhri , a village