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Andhra Pradesh is reeling under an acute water crisis. Apart from its capital Hyderabad, 53 municipalities in the state are facing drinking water shortage, reveals a survey conducted by the municipal

Rivers in Pakistan are gradually becoming water-deficient. A downward trend has been noticed recently in the combined inflow from rivers, with the total supply dropping down to 88,000 cusecs

The Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) was sponsored by research agencies within Europe, India and USA, and was mainly concerned with the haze over south Asia and the adjacent Indian Ocean. It excluded other equally or even more polluted areas in Asia. The Asian Brown Cloud is a follow on international research project that includes all of Asia.

The us and South Korea are goading North Korea into complying with a provision of a 1994 nuclear agreement which calls for inspections to determine the total weapons-grade material Pyongyang

The district health office at Doti in Nepal has embarked upon a novel community medicine programme. It will be launched in 21 village development committees (VDCs) of the area. The scheme is meant to

Human rights panel report confirms that food poisoning, not starvation, caused deaths in Orissa s Kashipur district

Racial and gender imbalances in US news broadcast sources

While Malawi has decided to mill genetically modified (gm) food from the us, Zambia is still resolute on its decision not to accept gm maize. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, has instituted a milling

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed his country's intention to sign the Kyoto Protocol, while pointing out certain technical hitches in the deal. Experts say the Russian ratification would

The Plan of Implementation is a list of vague expressions