Urban rainwater harvesting will require a strategy that has different components. We have to recognise that just passing a law is not enough

India has two problems; one, bureaucrats and their complicated procedures and two, politicians who do not understand bureaucrats and their complicated procedures

Given the state dominated water supply systems, little effort has been made to get rural communities to develop and manage their own water supply systems

Research is often like an iceberg. The public interest can just be the visible tip with the invisible bulk being the private interest

Why doesn t Naik simply say: What does it matter if a million or more die because of air pollution?

Organisations are not looking for
solutions to the air pollution problem,
they are looking for problems in the
CNG solution

The Kyoto compromise will cost the world and us a whole lot more than a new set of clothes for the emperor

Kerala today has such a high population density that its total per capita rainwater availability is less than that of dry Rajasthan

The EU has reluctantly decided to part ways with the US and stick with the Kyoto treaty

High levels of ‘ecological poverty’ – defined as the lack of a healthy natural resource which is essential for human society’s survival and development – are a key cause of the economic poverty of the world’s rural poor.