British scientists have found that people with a tweaked gene in their carb digesting enzyme may be at a higher risk of obesity.

This confirms that dietary advice may need to be more tailored to an individual’s digestive system based on whether they have the genetic predisposition and necessary enzymes to digest different foods. Researchers at King’s College London and Imperial College suggests that salivary amylase plays a significant role in breaking down carbohydrates in the mouth at the start of the digestion process.

Rising greenhouse gases emissions from agriculture particularly with global meat and dairy consumption increasing is threatening UN's target of limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius.

Kolkata has emerged as the world’s seventh riskiest city — the only entry from India — when it comes to being under threat from all types of natural disasters.

An assessment of 616 cities around the world for their risk of earthquake, hurricanes and cyclones, storm surge, river flooding and tsunami has found 17.9 million Kolkatans face serious risk from natural disasters. When it comes to only the threat of river floods, 10.5 million Kolkatans are at risk, but the city is also fifth in terms of tsunami risk, with more than half a million people exposed. It is also threatened by hurricanes.

LONDON: Air pollution has emerged as the world's single largest environmental health risk, having caused seven million deaths in 2012 — 80% of which were from heart attacks and stroke.

‘5% Of Total Calorie Intake, Which Is Around 6 Teaspoons A Day, Should Be Target’

The World Health Organization has recommended that sugar intake be reduced globally. Recommended levels of sugar should stay below 10% of total calorie intake a day but below 5% should be the target, the WHO said.

The world's first study of deep ocean trench has confirmed climate change — excessive warming of the ocean and melting of Arctic ice — has made marine life far sparser and less varied than expected

London: Britain’s monarch is exposed to the worst air pollution in Britain.

Arctic winters may have got shorter by a month.

An average American generated 29.8kg of hitech trash in 2012 — six times higher than China’s per capita figure of 5.4kg.

Over 9.3 lakh Indians with the world’s most dangerous airborne disease, tuberculosis, are currently undetected by the country’s health system, the World Health Organization’s World TB Report 2013 r