New Delhi In order to avoid imports of grain for implementing the proposed food security Bill in years when monsoon fails, the government will include a provision in the Bill to allow beneficiaries to get cash instead of grain.

According to sources, the requirement of grain for the proposed food security cover would be 60 million tonne (mt), which is less than a third of the total production.

New Delhi With heavy rains lashing eastern parts of the country during last few days, the paddy sowing activities are expected to get a boost during next few weeks, a top agricultural scientist said.

Heavy rainfall in West Bengal, Assam and Orissa has resulted in key paddy growing regions starting their sowing operations.

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the eastern an

Factors such as low fertiliser use, acidic soil, huge soil loss because of lack of water absorption capacity, monoculture and continuance with traditional paddy cultivation in jhums through shifting cultivation are putting hurdles in the growth of agriculture in the northeastern states, country

Even though the UPA-II government still grappling over the proposed National Food Security bill, the food minister KV Thomas has already started to worked out modalities for augmenting procurement and storage capacities of Food Corporation of India (FCI)

It was launched in 2006 to ensure livelihood security for the rural poor.

Agrarian Distress in India apt title of the latest book by agricultural economists BC Barah & Smita Sirohi would not have come out at a more appropriate time when the government is grappling with rising cost of food items which not only cause lots discomfort to consumers but also policy makers and analysts who have failed to anticipate the trend.

The book acknowledges that the macro economic sc

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Around three per cent of India

A little over a year before the Janadesh march, a working group appointed by the Planning Commission had termed land reforms in India a "forgotten agenda'. It minced no words in explaining why.

the Backward Region Grant Fund