From Kashmir to Burma, where tigers once lived amid lush forests, a vast tract of land has been laid bare by the timber industry. In its wake have come landslides, drought and yet further poverty. The only hope for the hill people is a Ghandian like movement which villagers have adopted to thwart developers.

An alternative to conventional uranium and plutonium reactors might be immune to the problems that have plagued the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

In the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan, Germany has temporarily shut down seven o

The safety features and power backups built into third-generation reactors should shut them down safely even without electrical power.

Fear of radiation from Japan's stricken nuclear power plant must not blind us to the risks attached to the alternatives.

With muddled media reports of the ongoing crisis, New Scientist spells out exactly what has happened up to 15 March, and what might happen next.

Software agents that get the best price by buying and selling electricity on your behalf could increase grid efficiency and help you cut costs.

Extremophile microbes in mud from a frozen Alaskan lake can be harnessed to make biogas.

Electricity from rural cellphone towers in poor countries could chill vaccines, saving 5 million lives every year, say Harvey Rubin and Alice Conant.