As Antarctica melts, seaways will open up between oceans that are currently separated by the ice sheet.

The Texas drought is a harbinger of things to come for the entire Southwest – water resource managers are making plans for a drier future.

Why are more and more people in Israel with genetic disorders filing lawsuits for "wrongful life"?.

Earlier this year, ozone loss over the Arctic was on a scale comparable to that over the Antarctic.

East Africa is stalked by famine once more despite scientists' early warnings of disaster. Can the lessons be learned?

A string of technologies that could be used to engineer our environment to head off climate change are being field-tested.

English libel law was used to threaten me, but I had to speak out, says Peter Wilmshurst, the cardiologist sued for voicing safety concerns.

Climate-change wrangling in Australia has descended into death threats and extreme insults. The science is being drowned out.

Dust is all that's needed to plunge the world into an ice age. When blown into the sea, the iron it contains can fertilise plankton growth on a scale large enough to cause global temperatures to drop. The finding adds support to the idea of staving off climate change by simulating the effects of dust - perhaps by sprinkling the oceans with iron filings.

Some claim climate change will destroy our species; now it seems it also helped forge it. The rapid fluctuations in temperature that characterised the global climate between 2 and 3 million years ago coincided with a golden age in human evolution.