In the course of a 17-year experiment on more than 1 million plants, scientists put future global warming to a real world test — growing California flowers and grasslands with extra heat, carbon di

The Narendra Modi government has shown interest in an eco-friendly mechanism to turn organic waste into ashes, which might be used as agricultural fertilisers under the Swachh Bharat Mission.

The next time you're enjoying a trip to the seaside, turn your mind away from the ice-cream vans and sand dunes for a moment and spend a few minutes looking beneath your feet.

Passing through the aged faded gates into Gorongosa National Park, it's difficult to imagine you've just entered Mozambique's largest wildlife sanctuary.

The average British household wastes more than three weeks’ worth of food every year, research has revealed.

What would a day be like on Mars? Could there be life on Titan? If you went into space, what would happen to your hair follicles?

PASTORURI GLACIER, Peru (AP) — The tropical glaciers of South America are dying from soot and rising temperatures, threatening water supplies to communities that have depended on them for centuries

Pollutants that can damage human fertility are pouring into the water supply from our washing machines, a study warns.

Londoners will soon be able to get air quality reports when they check whether their bus is about to arrive.

An invention labelled 'Smog Free Tower' is set to be tested in public spaces in Beijing in September