Heavy metal pollution, typically caused by mining and smelting, is a major threat to human health - but the problem is seemingly not new.

THE number of fish, turtles and other wildlife in the world’s oceans has halved in decades, conservationists warn.

Seven people have died and six are missing after two cars were struck by a flash flood and washed off the road in Hilldale, Utah on Monday night.

The charges, expected to be introduced by 2020, are likely to affect diesel vehicles entering parts of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Derby, Nottingham and Southampton.

Dr Niall Moore, head of the invasive species secretariat for Defra, said there was a real threat that raccoons could become a pest in this country

Evidence presented at the European Society for Cardiology Congress in London yesterday suggested that exposure to pollutants can push up the risk of heart attacks by up to five per cent - with the

Climate change is "adding fuel to the fire" of worsening political instability and unrest around the world, an expert told a security forum.

Grimy city buildings and statues aren’t just unsightly, they also contribute to smog.

A heat wave in Poland on Monday forced the national supplier to cut electricity to factories for several hours, and Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz appealed to people to save energy during the day.

The elusive night parrot, a species thought to be extinct for about a century, has finally been captured and tagged in what has been hailed as a ‘holy grail’ moment.