Scientists say tube-shaped microbots may be an effective and economical way to clean up our water.

Soaring demand for the caffeinated brew could hasten destructive climate change by encouraging producers to chop down some of the last remaining tropical forests as they struggle to increase yields

The world's southernmost population of polar bears has already lost significant amounts of body weight after decades of shrinking sea ice with breeding females suffering the most, says new research

A research geophysicist with the United States Geological Survey looks at a series of images that illustrate the seismic waves of an earthquake.

In a new report that ranks countries by how well they protect the environment, the U.S. comes in at a disappointing 26th place among 180 nations.

The Obama administration unveiled a long-awaited plan to combat the growing threat of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, a deadly strain of the number one infectious killer in the world.

WASHINGTON -- India, China and the Middle East, with their fast-growing economies and expanding industry, have seen growing air pollution, according to NASA scientists who tracked the trends over t

JHARKHAND -- Mild tremors of 4.2 magnitude were felt in parts of Bihar and Jharkhand on Tuesday morning.

Tuberculosis has joined HIV/AIDS as the top infectious disease killer on the planet, the World Health Organization announced Wednesday.

So says Ricarda Winkelmann, the lead author of a new paper that paints a dire picture of our planet should we continue to extract and burn the world's coal, oil and natural gas reserves.