Government plans to curtail onshore wind subsidy scheme will see millions of pounds of investments written off and "massively damage" investor confidence, ScottishPower claims

Nepal has been hit by another earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1, forcing people in the capital and beyond to rush out on to the streets, only weeks after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed more tha

Babies who are exposed to higher levels of pollution are more likely to develop allergies, Canadian research suggests

The motor industry has defended diesel vehicles claiming they are less polluting than ever, amid fears the government will order a clampdown to meet EU pollution targets.

New research suggests that living in towns and cities can increase the risk of brain shrinkage and silent strokes, both of which are linked to dementia

Saharan red dust from the continent and a spike in air pollution could cause problems for those with breathing difficulties on Friday, experts warned.

Even exercising in very polluted inner city areas is better than doing no exercise at all, study finds

China to drive growth of so called green bond market as world's second largest economy gets serious about remewables says HSBC

To Madrid dwellers, the almost permanent pall of traffic fumes hanging over the city is known as “the beret”, a kind of grimly ironic statement on what has become a tradition in a city where there

Britain falls behind France to 8th place in ranking of attractiveness for renewable energy investment