The purpose of the compendium is to provide information on sanitation technologies from across the sanitation value chain.

The Government of India and policy makers are faced with the fact that India has vast wind energy potential. However, there have been different studies and assessments, producing different results.

This study comprehensively examines the manufacturing supply chain of different components used in RE systems, especially wind and solar technology, in India.

The Government of India (GoI) initiated the ‘100 Smart Cities Mission’ in 2014. This has triggered deliberations across the country on the concept of smart cities, the need and the orientation of the Mission in the context of India’s present urbanisation scenario. The concept of a ‘Smart City’ is a relatively new phenomenon in India.

A strong support to domestic solar manufacturing sector coupled with fortuitous global developments for the industry have enabled Chinese firms to dominate the global market.

As a large developing country, India’s challenge is to meet its development aspirations in a carbon-constrained world.

This report presents results of a three-month study commissioned by Climate Parliament – an international network of legislators working to promote RE to combat climate change. The primary audience of this report is state-level policymakers in the electricity domain.

This multifaceted project implemented by four consortium partners in South Asia aims to contribute to the study of vulnerability to climate change. The research carried out at different scales, both top-down and at the local level, each using different methodologies.

The Indian nuclear energy program is at crossroads, with several alternative pathways of industrial development potentially open to it. These possibilities include options for technology selection and development, as well as for organising the efforts of the state owned entities and private companies.

The objective of the study is to generate a technology and policy focussed assessment for the Indian I&S sector and to provide support to the industry and BEE in the implementation of the Perform Achieve Trade (PAT) mechanism.