An Act to reform the law on regulation and management of mining activities in the country for long term development of mining sector, building global value chain, ensuring broad-based ownership, achieving economy of scale of mines, enhancing transparency and accountability, and ensure environment-friendly and socially responsible mining.

The Ministry of Health is pleased to publish this year’s Annual Health Bulletin (AHB) 2015; the 28th edition in its series.

National Statistics Bureau (NSB) is pleased to bring out the National Accounts Statistics, 2014. It presents Gross Domestic Product (GDP) estimates and other macro-economic aggregates such as final consumption of the households and the government, gross capital formation and saving for the period ending December 2013. This is the 26th publication in the series of National Accounts Statistics (NAS) published by National Accounts & Price Statistics Division, NSB.

The Livestock Statistics 2013 is the 8th series of statistics publication by the Department of Livestock (DoL) in its comprehensive effort to record information on livestock and production in the Kingdom of Bhutan. The publication is presented in two section: Section I contains livestock population and production data at Dzongkhag level. Section II contains livestock population and production data at Geog level.

This Access and Benefit Sharing Policy is developed to guide access to Bhutan’s genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge and ensure the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their research and commercial utilization.

The project "Development of Energy Codes and Standards for Buildings in Bhutan" aimed at following three objectives: Evaluate the Building Sector and Prepare Detailed Energy Audit Reports; Develop Energy Codes and Standards for Buildings; and Recommend Policy Instruments.

The purpose of the code should be to provide minimum requirements for energy-efficient design and construction of buildings and their systems. The Building EE code should set out the minimum energy efficiency standard for buildings and the administrative requirements.

This Statistical Yearbook (SYB) Publication is the 31st edition. It is a comprehensive and systematic compendium of basic statistical information on the country’s socio-economic conditions. Beginning from 2013 onwards the Statistical Yearbook of Bhutan will have separate chapter on Environmental Statistics.

This Alternative Renewable Energy Policy aims to promote the following clean RE technologies: solar (both PV and thermal), wind, bio-energy, geo-thermal, pico/micro/mini/small hydro and waste to energy (WTE).

An Act to reform the law on incorporation, registration, conduct, reorganisation, winding up and dissolution of companies and for related matters.