This report examines how the public-private partnership (PPP) model can be applied to help promote sustainable housing and urban development for countries around the world. The report has two main parts.

The UN-HABITAT developed this guide for city planners and other allied professionals to better understand, assess, and take action on climate change at the local level.

Citizens, governments and the United Nations increasingly are embracing a new paradigm for development: the Green Economy. Proponents seek to develop their economies along pathways of higher, more equitable growth at lower carbon, energy and resource intensity. The Green Economy is pro-growth and pro-jobs, as well as pro-environment.

This new UN report focuses on the current issues and challenges which national and local governments, the business sector and organised civil society are facing. It highlights several critical issues – demographic and economic trends, poverty and inequality, the environment, climate change and urban governance and management.

This report is intended to assist those who influence public and private sector investments in solid waste collection systems in developing countries.

In a rapidly urbanizing global society, solid waste management will be a key challenge facing all the world's cities. This publication provides a fresh perspective and new data on one of the biggest issues in urban development. Using the framework of Integrated Sustainable Waste Management, the report presents unprecedented research from 22 cities across six continents.

The global observance of World Habitat Day this year will be held at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Hosted by China

This publication presents a strong argument for innovating urban planning to address the contemporary challenges of rapid urbanization and poverty.

The world's urban population now exceeds the world's rural population. What does this mean for the state of our cities, given the strain this global demographic shift is placing upon current urban infrastructure?

This new UN report presents challenges of unregulated wastewater discharged into rivers and seas. Calls for transforming wastewater into clean and economically attractive resource & details strategies that focus on sustainable water management.