Upadhye et al. have discussed an interesting aspect of Ayurvedic medicines. They have considered ‘involuntary adulteration’ in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines due to the use of plant species which have the same or similar names, but are essentially different constituently. (Correspondence)

The West Bengal Tourism Department feels deprived with just Rs 136 crore as grant for the 12th Plan period at a time when the Gujarat government has been able to extract a whopping Rs 1200 crore.

JAIPUR: The medical health and family welfare department is in the process of framing rules for effective implementation of the Clinical Establishment Act 2010, which was passed in the Vidhan Sabha last year.

A medical health and family welfare department official said, "We have started working on implementation of the Act. The rules are being framed for its effective implementation in the state."

This article provides an account of the research journey, including some detours, towards the destination of several innovative projects, evidence based Ayurveda and global acceptance of integrative medicine.

A couple of cases of Hepatitis B were reported from Palamel near Mavelikkara and isolated cases from neighbouring places in the district recently, according to the District Medical Officer (in-charge), Jacob Varghese.

Mr. Varghese was speaking at a meeting to discuss the action plan for prevention and control of communicable diseases here on Wednesday. Later speaking to The Hindu he said that the real cause of the disease in the area has not been ascertained yet.

Corporate hospitals would have to face the test of providing equitable healthcare: N. Ram

Malaria is a disease that has been with us for all of human history. Malarial parasites are known to infect all terrestrial vertebrates. They are notable for their ability to survive and develop in the environment of vectors that transmit them from host to host, spreading disease. (Editorial)

Rajasthan Medical and Health Minister Aimaduddin Ahmed Khan has laid emphasis on expansion of Indian systems of medicine and improving the standard of their drugs to maintain people's faith in these streams for treatment of serious diseases.

The opposition to BT brinjal has partly arisen because some Solanum species are widely used in Indian medicine. According to Prof.

The activists opposing the commercialization of Bt brinjal have asserted that Bt brinjal would seriously affect the use of brinjal in the Alternative and Complementary Systems of Medicine (ACSM) in India, through ‘loss of synergy’. The then Minister for Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India (GoI), repeatedly echoed this view.