Rasam soothes aching throats and upset tummies What better way to tickle your taste buds this monsoon season, while also protecting yourself against colds and coughs, than sipping some piping hot rasam? Rasams flavoured with lemon, tomatoes and cumin are a staple in most Tamil households. The versatile soup has its variations in Karnataka (saaru) and Andhra Pradesh. Rasam is usually

LUCKNOW, July 18: There is new hope for those suffering from diseases like paralysis, osteo-arthritis, hair-fall and skin disorders. The "Kaya Chikitsa" department of the Faculty of Ayurveda in the Institute of Medical Sciences at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) now offers treatment of these diseases through the leech therapy. Ayurveda experts at the BHU have been successfully using blood-sucking leeches to treat human ailments, including paralysis and osteo-arthritis.

Sri Lanka spends nearly Rs. 200 million to import 44 kinds of ayurvedic medicines from India every year. A recent survey conducted by the Indigenous Medicine Ministry has revealed that medicinal herbs required to prepare 37 kinds of these Ayurvedic medicines could be cultivated in the country.

Health Canada, a drug and health regulatory body, has once again said some Ayurvedic products may contain high levels of heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and arsenic. Saying these medicines may pose serious health risks, the Canadian regulator has asked people to exercise caution while purchasing them.

Try India's Ayurveda medicinal system that could act as a panacea for Brazil's health woes. This was the advice from 73-year-old President Pratibha Patil to her Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, 10 years her junior, during their one-toone meeting here. Ms Patil, who wrapped up her three-day state visit to this Latin American country, presented a DVD on Ayurveda system of medicine to the Brazilian President. According to a Presidential aide, Ms Patil told Mr Lula that Ayurveda was being followed in India and was cost-effective.

Rice is known as the grain of life, and is synonymous with food for Asians. In addition to being a staple food and an integral part of social rites, rituals and festivals in almost all Asian countries, it has a medicinal value too, which was clearly recognized by the medicine systems of the region centuries ago. Rice is the main constituent of life-saving oral rehydration solutions (ORS) and has been used for this purpose since time immemorial.

Ayurvedic and medical tourism industries would be the largest beneficiary during the 2010 Commonwealth Games as they might earn over Rs 800 crore.

Beware before you pick up chyawanprash from a drug store. The most popular brands of this ayurvedic tonic has artificial sweeteners, which have unconscionable side-effects. On January 11, 2008,

modern medicine has found clay can be of good use now. Though it has been used as cosmetic by beauticians for long, therapeutic values of clay has not been recognized by modern science. us

Order of the Allahabad High Court in the matter of The Commissioner, Trade Tax vs Emami Ltd. dated 13/11/2007 regarding classification of two products namely Himani Naturally Faircream and Himani Naturally Fair Lotion as medicines and therefore be chargeable to tax as "Ayurvedic" medicines and has held that the same are not cosmetics.

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