Kunapajala, an Ayurvedic plant growth promoter, has been mentioned in Vrikshayurveda to promote flowering, fruiting and vegetative growth of plants. Kunapajala was prepared in laboratory according to the standard procedure as available in the literature. To demonstrate the effect of Kunapajala, Senna was grown in Dhanvantari Garden of Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar in September 2001. (Sep 2007)

thanks to ayurveda, Subhash Jacob is free from migraine now. The headache was with him for over 30 years. Repeated attempts at seeking cure from different schools of medicines were ineffective and

the Indian origin of medical knowledge, used to develop modern treatments, will be given due recognition in Britain from now on. Presently, there is rampant misrepresentation of traditional

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Herbal products for exports will have carry additional info

A transfer order on May 10, 2005, cut short A Ramakrishnan s crusade against sub standard food and drugs and malpractices by companies like Johnson and Johnson. The outgoing commissioner, Food and Drug Administration

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researchers from Kolkata's Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute have found two plants frequently used in Ayurvedic medicines effectively battle out four types of cancer in lab. They discovered

Bad health is good business. The pharmaceutical industry knows that. But now bad health is turning out to be good business for the food industry as well. Food was always medicinal in traditional diets. But then diets changed. The food medicine connection

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