Clinical trials for Ayurveda-based drug for dengue, jointly being carried out by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Ministry of AYUSH, are in the "advanced stages" and presently its cli

The health sector is a key economic sector and a job generator. The aggregate size of the world’s health sector is over US$ 5.8 trillion per year. Across the OECD countries, employment in health and social work grew by 48% between 2000 and 2014, while jobs in industry and agriculture declined.

The benefits of an integrated approach in the future of leprosy control in India are discussed, by involving professionals from different systems of medicine and coordinated by dermatologists working in the field of community dermatology. The low level of education amongst traditional healers has led to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment, thus emphasizing the importance of health education for patients, families and local practitioners to enable prompt and appropriate treatment. The Indian systems of medicine though supportive do not have the required rehabilitation services.

Chandigarh: The Haryana government has told the Punjab and Haryana high court that 'there is no protocol for clinical trials of ayurvedic drugs' even as it administers ayurvedic medicines to drug a

He said Ayurveda was relevant globally today because of its holistic and comprehensive approach to health

Hyderabad: With Christmas and New Year festivities around the corner, people are going to indulge their sweet tooth and demand for sweetmeats will be on an all-time high.

A scientifically validated anti-diabetes herbal drug, named `BGR-34', was launched by a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) laboratory in Lucknow on Sunday .

The National Health Assurance Policy would be rolled out in phases in the current financial year and it would go full steam in FY16, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan told reporters here on Monda

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on quality assessment of AYUSH facilities, 22/07/2014.

In a bid to achieve the objective of holistic healthcare system, the government on Monday announced it will formulate a new health policy that is universally accessible, affordable and effective.