The earthquake in Haiti was a reminder: Billions of people live in houses that can't stand shaking. Yet safer ones can be built cheaply

What makes wind energy major Suzlon's global headquarter in Pune different from other green buildings of the country?

It seems like alchemy: a Silicon Valley start-up says it has found a way to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from coal and gas power plants and lock them into cement. If it works on a mass scale, the company, Calera, could turn that carbon into gold.

The first national executive meeting of the CII India Green Business Council was in the recesses of the Lonavala hills in Maharashtra. For the businessmen present here was an opportunity not only to reduce the pressure on the planet

The article presents the results of a research project aimed at (1) examining the feasibility of material flow analysis (MFA) on a regional and urban scale in France, (2) selecting the most appropriate method, (3) identifying the available data, and (4) calculating the material balance for a specific case.

Pune Constro 2009, the country

In a tropical country like India which receives abundant sunlight throughout the year, we could utilise this big ball of sun as a source of energy.

The Resource Development Institute (RDI) is happy to announce its recent inventions of synthetic marble, sunmica substitute, wood and stone joining mineral compound, cheap and more durable road paint, polymer glue stick, synthetic wood and new and cheap water proofing compound. Patents have been applied for the six items of the list and are being applied for the remaining also.

Even as public debate rages over the question of whether coal should continue to provide the majority of U.S. electric power needs, the U.S.

Traditional Indian structures exist beyond all ages and can be utilized by the people of every generation, since the truths of all times could also be expressed as the truth of present time.