Mumbai In the wake of recent Bombay High Court order imposing a state-wide ban on sand extraction from river-beds, developers in Mumbai have asked the state government to allow them more time to switch to some other alternative means.

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Sanjay Jog / Mumbai October 05, 2010, 0:25 IST

The real estate sector in Maharashtra foresees a loss of Rs 2,000 crore due to the ban on extraction of sand by the Bombay High Court.

Vernacular architecture is still very popular and constructed widely in North-East India. In this paper, the result of long-term monitoring of two vernacular houses selected one in Tezpur (warm and humid climate) and other one in Cherrapunjee (cold and cloudy climate) are presented.

This paper attempts to formulate Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) coefficients for Composite, Hot-Dry and Warm-Humid climates, the three main tropical climates in India. Four existing air-conditioned office buildings – two mid-rise and two high-rise were modeled as case studies using eQuest v.3.6, which is a DoE2.2, based building energy simulation tool. Based on the study of building envelope, loads, operation and HVAC system characteristics of these case study buildings, a hypothetical high-rise, 16 storey office building, octagonal in plan was created for parametric studies.

This study is a survey of the different types of tools and implements used for building operations in the Yoruba Indigenous Architecture of Nigeria. The tools include

Pune Green Build Products, a city-based company that manufactures eco-friendly products used in the construction industry, launched its website on Tuesday. Shashank Paranjpe, MD, Paranjpe Schemes Constructions launched the website.

A kilometre-long arterial link between the National Games Village and NH-33, built at a cost of Rs 2.17 crore in 2008-09, will now require more than double the amount for reconstruction, thanks to substandard quality of building material and administrative apathy.

The earthquake in Haiti was a reminder: Billions of people live in houses that can't stand shaking. Yet safer ones can be built cheaply

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Proper waste management is a major concern affecting both small and large constructions.

This study presents reusing of locally available waste fibrous materials as concrete composites. Mechanical strength properties (compressive strength, split tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture and shear strength) of synthetic fibres (nylon, plastic and tyre) with volume fractions (0.5%, 1% and 1.5%) and aspect ratios (30, 60 and 90) were evaluated.

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