While coming down heavily on the "Greater Thal Canal Project', the Karachi city district government in Pakistan has asked the federal government to stop its construction immediately. The city council

Orissa and UP villages once again prove that people are better managers of natural resources than today s obdurate governments

Gujarat s minister for major irrigation projects needs to understand that big dams alone do not add up to water management

The Himachal Pradesh government has made it mandatory for all

A small water harvesting structure can produce amazing economic crossover effects. The same may not be true for large canals

the search for a post-colonial paradigm in areas ranging from economics to aesthetics and the struggle for a more just world economic and political order (less burdened with neo-colonial categories)

The Indira Gandhi canal project is a costly failure that has led to destruction of habitat and loss of arable land

Rise in infectious diseases in the canal s command area

Ecological imbalance and pestilence in western Rajasthan

Adaptation in the desert