Chinese President Xi Jinping announced Friday that China will develop a carbon trading system as a way to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

At first, the numbers and company names flashing on a big board in Beijing’s financial district suggest a booming market.

TORONTO - Ontario has announced its latest target in the province's drive to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

(Reuters) - The leaders of nine Canadian provinces and territories on Tuesday called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to take stronger measures to reduce the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 2

Carbon dioxide emissions in the European Union’s cap-and-trade program, the world’s largest, probably fell to a record last year as warmer-than-average weather curbed demand for gas and power.

President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Thursday to set new goals for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of federal agencies, his latest use of his executive authority to address the

"It is difficult for individual governments to control or affect the collective and cumulative impact of human activity globally, but there is a role for the Australian government to continue in it

The development of climate policy in the United States mirrors international developments, with efforts to initiate a coordinated approach giving way to jurisdictions separately taking actions.

What is the optimal instrument design and choice for a regulator attempting to control emissions by private agents in face of uncertainty arising from business cycles? In applying Weitzman's result [Prices vs.

With the effects of climate change already being felt from New York City to New Delhi, the fight to keep global forest carbon stocks intact, to improve forest management, and to reforest degraded land is more vital than ever. Too often, trees are worth more cut down than standing.