Portraying California as the front line of climate change, Gov.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee outlined policies on Tuesday to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the state, including a carbon cap-and-trade program, although he will need approval from the state l

Two California state senators released a bill on Wednesday that would give regulators the authority to design a plan to meet the state's long-term greenhouse gas reduction goals and improve air qua

Carbon prices are poised to rebound from a three-year slump as European Union member states vote today on a plan to reduce a record glut of pollution permits.

The share of global emissions covered by emissions trading is expected to rise by 70 percent from a 2005 basis, according to this report released by International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) with detailed factsheets on all existing and planned emissions trading systems.

Policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are expanding around the world. They are being implemented to deliver countries’ own ambitions to move onto a cleaner development path, and in support of their international climate change commitments.

The U.S.

Greenhouse-gas emissions from power generators, oil refineries and other plants in California climbed in 2012 as a nuclear plant shutdown and low hydropower supplies increased the state’s reliance

Carbon market businesses breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday after the European parliament voted to prop up prices on the EU’s emissions trading system.

This is an unusually busy moment in the unhappy history of efforts to curb climate change. In two weeks at the end of June the world’s three biggest polluters unveiled carbon-reducing measures.