Japan has submitted proposals on new market mechanisms to cut greenhouse gases to the United Nations, aiming to complement UN talks by developing ways to use its low carbon technology.

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This paper examines potential sources of revenues and analyses, which instruments are most compatible with these sources and the climate objectives.

The purpose of this report is to analyze some of the models of sustainable energy enterprises, which have been in operation and are even evolving with the changing market situation in different parts of the country.

This report examines the risks associated with climate change investing across different asset classes and provides a framework to understand how asset managers can manage these risks.

Forest carbon payments

ICF International started working in the area of energy and climate change management much before it became politically or environmentally correct. With more than 3,500 employees in 60 offices worldwide, the firm earned gross revenue of $ 674 million in 2009. The firm does not only consult, but also walks the talk. It

With an extension of the Kyoto Protocol appearing bleak and in absence of any legally binding commitment by the participating nations on mandatory carbon emission caps in the Cancun agreement at the annual UN climate talks, experts fear a crash in the carbon market, one which could make a tangible impact on India

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The U.N. Secretary-General has presented options for raising $100 billion a year to promote development while fighting climate change. This is timely, but for such funds to make a difference, we must get past a set of myths that prevent the efficient use of resources.

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This new publication presents the low carbon development path for Asia and the Pacific. It shows that  this region must overcome several challenges to secure the growing energy requirements needed to maintain strong development trend while at the same time pursue a low carbon development path.

In the ABC of current climate finance, the central actors are industrialized