Industrialized nations can deepen planned cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to shore up a U.N. climate treaty due in December but analysts say there are risks they will promise more than they deliver.

The White House budget update released on Tuesday still reflects a controversial Obama administration plan to combat global warming by auctioning all permits to emit greenhouse gases even though Congress has said it will give away a substantial portion to industry.

Concern over climate change has led the U.S. to consider a cap-and-trade system to regulate emissions. Here we illustrate the land-use impact to U.S. habitat types of new energy development resulting from different U.S. energy policies. We estimated the total new land area needed by 2030 to produce energy, under current law and under various cap-and-trade policies, and then partitioned the area impacted among habitat types with geospatial data on the feasibility of production.

Business As Usual has been the bane of climate negotiations. Its answers are equally bad at l

Amanda Sutton looks over a wheat field in northern Colorado and sees a potential "carbon offset project" that could help curb greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming.

"This is a patch of highly-cultivated land that could provide potential carbon offsets," she said, standing by the field which is owned by the city of Fort Collins and the surrounding county.

Plans by India to force renewable energy developers to share up to half their carbon offset revenues could prove complex to administer and deter investment, carbon market participants say.

India's Central Electricity Regulatory Commission issued draft rules in May to harmonise the power price premium which state-owned distribution firms must pay for renewable energy.

When implemented properly, an early action component of a cap-and-trade program can reward early actors while preserving or enhancing the environmental outcomes of the cap-and-trade

Australian plans for a sweeping carbon trade scheme opened new divisions within the opposition parties on Friday, boosting hopes Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will win approval for his plan and avoid a possible snap election.

A leading standard setter for voluntary carbon market offsets said on Wednesday it has eased its rules for Canadian projects that aim to cut emissions of greenhouse gases to issue carbon credits.

U.S. farmers and foresters could earn more money from carbon contracts than they pay in higher costs from legislation to control greenhouse gases, the Agriculture Department estimated on Wednesday.