The shortage of fertilisers is proving to be a major cause for the current peasant unrest in Bangladesh. Farmers, unable to grow the region's main rice crop this season, demonstrated before the

Bangladesh is in the grip of a crisis, us,farmers take to the streets, block roads, snatch fertiliser'tonsignments,and even set ablaze government offices and the residences of political

OVER the years, the application of chemical fertilisers has grown vertiginously in India. In percentage terms, however, this spectacular rise has left far behind the growth in food production,

The Gloria Land farm in Pondicherry and another run by a couple in Karnataka, show natural inputs can effectively replace factory produced fertilisers and pesticides.

The removal of subsidies on phosphatic and potash fertilisers this year has led to an almost three-fold price increase and a sharp drop in their consumption, according to the annual review of the

A survey reveals that while using fertilisers, farmers are seldom guided by their price alone.

Ecological economics attempts to evaluate the environmental and other external costs that a society pays to produce a commodity

DESPITE environmental pressure against the use of chemical fertilisers, world fertiliser production increased to 158 million tonnes in 1989, which is a 32 per cent increase over production in

MORE than 70 new chemicals are registered every hour in the US alone. The public - battered and bemused by daily press reports about the dangers of smoking, pesticides, pollution and food

GEOGRAPHICAL SPREAD Areas earmarked in the Five-Year Plans  Mango Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Gujarat,