The Punjab state

Nitrogen is the basic building block of plant and animal proteins, and is essential to all forms of life. But studies in recent times have shown that human activity, including agriculture, energy

Pakistan's Punjab government has decided to launch a campaign to check marketing of substandard zinc sulphate used by farmers to get a higher yield of rice crop. The additional secretary (planning)

India is losing the pride of many a pulao

Excessive nitrogen is causing nitrogen stress in flora and fauna

The California-based Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the formation of a study group to examine the need for national action following a series of reports in a Seattle newspaper

Rising levels of nitrogen in soils are increasing global warming

Fertilisers are leading to lower production of apples in Himachal Pradesh

IN SPITE of stringent laws and regulations, illegal timber trade is flourishing in South American Countries. Investigations carried out by the Amsterdam-based Friends of the Earth

A Geological Survey of India study points to the possible role played by use of phosphatic fertilisers, among other factors, in the occurrence of high concentration of arsenic in the groundwater of West Bengal