EVEN as the budget appears to have some benefits for the Punjab farmers, especially in terms of direct delivery of subsidies on fertilisers, easy mobility of grain from one state to another and conservation of natural resources especially groundwater resources, the increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel will result in higher cost of production for various crops, which may not go down well fo

Cabinet Split On Fertilizer Price Fears

In a first step towards reining in a spiralling fertilizer subsidy bill that crossed Rs 100,000 crore in 2008-09, the cabinet bit the bullet on Thursday and decided to de-control prices of all fertilizers other than urea while fixing subsidy on these based on their nutrient content from April 1, 2010.

June 22: The Greenpeace activists raided a trail field of genetically modified (GM) rice of a private multinational firm

Sale of seasonal summer fruits ripened with harmful chemical carbide continues unabated in all the markets of Narail and Jessore towns posing a serious threat to public health.

Market sources said a section of traders are selling carbide- ripened summer fruits after treating those with formalin.

Industries Minister Dilip Barua on Thursday said the government ensured proper supply and distribution of fertiliser in the country.

In the wake of acute power crisis, the government plans to shut down operation of Chittagong Urea Fertiliser Ltd (CUFL) for an interim period to help increase supply of power.

Sources said the government is likely to take a decision soon in this regard and the shutdown may come into effect from next month.

Use of food crops such as corn, rapeseed, sugarcane etc for production of biofuels by developed countries might endanger the food security of the world. Therefore attempts have been made to use the no edible oil yielding plants, such as Jatropha for generating substitute of diesel.