PAMPERING APPLES Subsidies for apple growers in Himachal Pradesh, 1985-86 to 1990-91. Rs (in crores) HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT  

CRATES for one hectare of tomatoes, which is grown as an off-season crop in Himachal Pradesh, require wood from 10 ha of chir pine forest, says R V Singh, former director general of the Indian

BANANAS are thirsty plants, and farmers in the Jalgaon area of Maharashtra -- who produce 10,00,000 tonnes of the state"s annual banana output of 17,00,000 tonnes -- have literally begun mining for

FARMERS in the orange-growing regions of Warud and Morshi in Amravati district of Maharashtra refer to the area as "the California of Vidarbha." According to the directorate of horticulture, of the

The government"s plans for boosting horticulture to earn foreign exchange do not take into account the hidden costs of deforestation, fertiliser and pesticide use and heavy water consumption. Keeping in mind this and the fact that the poor can seldom affo

For R S Hegde, a primary school principal and rural technologist, science is useless if it remains confined to labs and libraries.

Centre for Science & Enviornment's Green Rating Project: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar releases latest report on ratings of fertilizer sectors.



The Government of Sri Lanka has introduced a number of policies and programs to increase paddy production since independence. The fertilizer subsidy program is one of the longest-lasting, most expensive, and most politically sensitive policies implemented to promote rice cultivation in Sri Lanka. It was initiated in 1962 (that is, at the onset of the Green Revolution) with the main objective of encouraging farmers to switch from traditional rice varieties to high-yielding varieties (HYVs) that are highly responsive to chemical fertilizers. Since then, however, the provision of the subsidy has become customary, and successive governments have been under tremendous pressure to continue the subsidy despite budgetary constraints.

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The goal is to end the farmers' addiction to chemical fertilisers China's leadership has recognised the problem and adopted new regulations on industrial and agricultural pollution. But that doesn't guarantee that all local officials -- let alone polluters -- will follow the rules

Move Part Of Strategy To Become Fully Integrated Mining Entity
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