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Scientists have made a startling discovery: the greenhouse effect may be offset by the kind of disturbing white haze of pollution often noticeable over Melbourne and Sydney on smoggy days. The haze

In the aftermath of the global climate change convention, the South Korean government and business circles are busy mapping out measures to save energy and cut down pollution, officials said

Prabhu :The fourth session on the Convention on Climate Change held in Buenos AIres in Argentina, which witnessed India's participation on a major scale, has again thrown up the conflict between

China has a strong interest in participating in the East Asia acid rain monitoring network, a top Chinese official told The Yomiuri Shimbun on Sunday. The network is a surveillance organization that

India is satisfied with the Buenos Aires action plan that emerged after two weeks of negotiations on how to fight global warming . The climate talks focussing on reduction of greenhouse gas

Japan's Mitsubishi Corp. has decided to participate in the World Bank's proposed Carbon Investment Fund, in which contributors receive gas-emission credits for funding projects to prevent global

After an all-night session ending two weeks of sometimes contentious and bureaucratic talks, negotiators from more than 170 nations attending a conference on global warming wrapped up the event

Asian or African, the origin is the same, say researchers who trace the first Chinese to the dark continent

Scientists compile India's ethnic knowledge. They find a veritable gold mine

GREEN PEACE activists have built a dam on Israel's Kishon river to block toxic effluents from flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. The effluents are mainly discharged by the heavy petrochemical