This report looks at the risk that is often unrecognised and under-explained to people who own or are buying or building property along Australia's coasts (flooding, storm surge, coastal inundation, erosion etc.) and in bushfire zones.

Pre-monsoon coastal erosion, disappearance of ‘chakara’ indicate climate change

The concrete block perches absurdly atop a piling, elevated about 10 feet above the beach sand. Is it art? A bulky milepost?

This working paper explores the current development pattern of Senegal from geographical and economic perspectives, and its impact on climate vulnerability.

Adaptation to climate change includes addressing sea level rise and increased storm surges in many coastal areas. Mangroves can substantially reduce the vulnerability of the adjacent coastal land from inundation and erosion. However, climate change poses a large threat to mangroves.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Erosion of Coastal Areas, 01/03/2016. Under the promotional measures, the Ministry is operating a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) for Conservation and Management of Mangroves of India since 1987-88. Under the Scheme, the Ministry provides 100% (upto 2014-15 and in 60:40 central and state share from 2015-16 onwards) Central Assistance for the implementation of approved Management Action Plans (MAPs) for mangroves. The Government has identified 38 mangrove sites along coastal areas for implementation of MAP.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Rising Sea Level, 23/12/2015.

Illegal dumping, coastal erosion and the killing of marine animals are among the concerns highlighted in the latest All Ireland Coastwatch Survey.

The European winter is the high season for tourism in Senegal as visitors flock to its sea and sun to escape the cold, yet since last year the doors of the luxury Hotel Espadon have been closed.

Categorizing the choices in coastal infrastructure that are available to policy makers will allow for comparisons of their potential impacts on ecosystems and of their value in preparation for long-term sea-level rise. Although similar approaches have been described elsewhere in different policy contexts, this article focuses on evaluating physical infrastructure types – including hybrid structures that combine landforms with concrete and steel elements – based on historical differences in engineering practices.