Relative abundance and Shannon-Weiner species diversity index of true mangrove species were estimated in 10 sampling stations of Indian Sundarbans during 2013. The mangrove patches in the selected stations were categorized into a 4-point scale depending on the values of Shannon-Weiner species diversity index. The health of the mangrove forest as per our constructed 4-point scale was found to be regulated primarily by anthropogenic factors, although in station like Sagar South, the natural erosion may be the key player in determining the mangrove floral diversity.

Despite claims by the government of Liberia that it is committed to a coastal defense plan in order to save the city of Buchanan from sea erosion, beach sand mining in Central and Upper Buchanan co

Environmental pollution in Visakhapatnam city is a reality and immediate measures should be taken with an effective action plan for implementation within a specific time frame, felt Ashwani Kumar,

In tune with the changing realities there is a need to develop new eco-systems and competencies, A.C.

With beach erosion turning into a major concern for residents of Vizag, the Andhra University and the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) have taken up studies to prevent further damage t

The Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge (ACNWR), located along the central east coast of Florida (USA) in the western North Atlantic, hosts one of the largest loggerhead (Caretta caretta) nesting assemblages in the western Hemisphere. Sea turtle nesting activity has been continuously monitored on this beach for > 31 yrs, representing one of the longest sea turtle reproductive data sets in the world.

Future sea level rises could put more than $200 billion of Australian infrastructure at risk, a report by the Climate Council has found. The report, Counting the Costs: Climate Change and Coastal Flooding, showed sea levels were likely to rise by between 40 centimetres and one metre over the next century.

Rising sea levels are a “sleeping giant” issue that will put at risk coastal infrastructure worth up to $226bn, a new report has found.

The withe paper examines key challenges, solutions and opportunities encountered by practitioners working on the leading edge of sea level rise (SLR) adaptation efforts.

The swampy intertidal zone and part of the backshore of Henry's Island coast of 1969 have now been submerged. Topographic surveys, analysis of textural and palynological character of sediments coupled with time-series analyais of shoreline change show phasewise erosion. This has resulted in ingression of sea. Modern sand, transported from near coastal seabed, are being deposited overe the ancient clayey silt bed depending on retreat of high water line and relief. The shoreline has been retreated by about 450 m to 1 km.