Greenpeace, a non-profit organisation, has apologised for the damage caused to 160 sq metre of coral reef by its ship Rainbow Warrior ii, in Philippines, on October 31, 2005. The reef is a

Post-tsunami, expensive coral restoration plans might not be needed after all, says a recent advisory report commissioned by the World Bank (wb) and prepared by scientists led by a researcher from

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Marine species likely to top CITES meet agenda

Wildlife authorities must think carefully before imposing any blanket ban

A new report paints a grim picture of the world s coastal areas

the Centre is putting pressure on the Gujarat government to denotify country's first marine park located in the Gulf of Kachchh and make way for industrialisation. According to reports in

EVEN THOUGH the profits are small, miners in search of a quick buck are exploiting coral reefs all over the Indian Ocean, causing immense damage to the marine ecology. The problem is particularly

CORAL reefs in various parts of the world are getting bleached and scientists are debating whether this is an early warning of global warming, or simply a local warming of sea waters. Tom Goreau

The shores of the Andaman and Nicobar islands are losing their magnificent coral reefs because of heavy siltation caused by developmental activities