The Caribbean island of Mustique, which lost corals due to climate change and pollution, is about to get them back. Alan Lowe and his Dominica-based Applied Marine Technologies Limited crew have

the biggest coral structure in the world might be threatened very soon. The Australian government has left the option of future oil drilling open near the Great Barrier Reef. tgs nopec

Recent studies suggest that fears of global warming killing the world's coral reefs may be misplaced. Reef-building corals contain pigmented algae that provide the food for corals in return for

the maximum fine for damaging Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been increased tenfold to us $571,000. Robert Hill, the country's environment minister, said that any vessel polluting or

Medicinal values of marine life make it vulnerable to overexploitation. But it is now possible to artificially produce such qualities

Scientists struggle to explain the rapidly rising sea surface temperatures in the Northern Hemispere

A new mathematical formula will scan satellite images to study changes in coral reefs

Environmentalists and fisherfolk in Thailand have asked the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation ( fao ) to hold talks with the Thai government regarding the use of pushnet trawlers,

Bleached coral reefs are recovering faster than expected

FOLLOWING a controversy regarding a permit issued by the wildlife and marine department of American Samoa, a ban on collection and export of live coral and basalt rocks from the Pacific Ocean