Question raised in Lok Sabha on Contamination of Groundwater, 25/02/2016. The norms fixed for fluoride and other chemical contents in supply of water for various purposes including drinking water are given in Annexure I.

The Public Health Engineering (PHE) department today denied reports that the Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme (GSWSS) was supplying acidic drinking water to the residents of Shillong city.

The Central Water Commission is regularly documenting water resources and related data in its publications entitled "Water and Related Statistics". The present handbook namely, "Hand Book on Water & Related Information" gives details primarily on the progress of major and medium projects.

The limited ground water resources in Rajasthan are increasingly being exploited for irrigation, Industrial and domestic uses. The impact of these stresses coupled with non uniform rainfall are manifested in the form of changes in water levels and groundwater quality in the State.

Access to “safe” water and “adequate” sanitation are emphasized as important measures for schistosomiasis control. Indeed, the schistosomes' lifecycles suggest that their transmission may be reduced through safe water and adequate sanitation. However, the evidence has not previously been compiled in a systematic review.

Manganese neurotoxicity is well documented in individuals occupationally exposed to airborne particulates, but few data are available on risks from drinking water exposure. The researchers examined associations of manganese exposure from water and hair manganese concentration with memory, attention, motor function, and parent- and teacher-reported hyperactive behaviors.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on contamination of ground water in Karnataka, 11/08/2014,

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on water borne diseases, 15/07/2014.

However, comprehensive care and support, treatment and preventative services are improving across PNG, resulting in people living with HIV leading longer and healthier lives.

The Regulatory Scan is a report which documents the values specified in national standards for drinking-water parameters and how they compare to those set out in the fourth edition of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality.