Calcutta, Feb. 26: The state cabinet has cleared a deep-water port to be built on reclaimed land, the first of its kind in the country, in the Hooghly river estuary.

The port, with a depth of 21 metres, will allow big ships carrying crude and other cargo to offload near Haldia and Nayachar, a region where Bengal

The present investigation deals with the analysis of physico-chemical characteristics, concentration of heavy metals and textural analysis of sediments in Poovar estuary of Kerala during the period 2004-2005. Three sampling stations were selected and sediments were collected for the study.

Krishna delta lost 1,783 ha between 1977 and 2000 A study published in Current Science (Vol 87, No 9) noted that the Godavari delta had lost 1,836

commercial fisheries are often held responsible for the decline of fish population worldwide. A study in the us has found that changes in the flow of a river are also a major cause. It affects

This research paper presents the monitoring results of heavy metal pollution across seven sampling stations in Vasai region located on the western coast of India.

Mangrove forests are extraordinarily diverse coastal communities anchored by salt-tolerant plants along certain tropical seacoasts. Their distinctive aerial roots help to trap sediment, prevent shoreline erosion, and provide habitat for a variety of sea life. Their unique mode of viviparous reproduction (producing seeds that germinate before becoming detached from the parent plant) allows for the rapid dissemination of viable young plants. Mangrove swamps or forests are among the most productive wetlands on the planet.

The histopathological studies are useful in evaluating the pollution potential of toxicants since trace levels of chemicals do not bring about animal mortality over a given period and are capable of inducing considerable damage to organ.

Cochin backwaters, a micro tidal estuary, undergo a characteristic transformation from a river dominated system during summer monsoon to a tide-dominant system during pre-monsoon season. The present study observes that as the river flow weakens after monsoon, the flushing of the estuary

Fluoride takes part in a number of geochemical and biochemical reactions. The activity of the fluoride thus makes the ion non conservative in many occations, though the ion is included in the major ions category. Preferential enrichment of fluoride is a general observations in the coastal and estuarine environment.

South African crop scientists have come up with a new genetically modified (gm) maize variety that is resistant to maize streak virus (msv). Field trials of the crop are scheduled to begin soon.