Present study consist the spatial and temporal variations of depth, temperature and salinity, currents, flushing times and classification of the Krishna estuary. Temperature exhibited a distinct seasonal variation with higher values in premonsoon (30.0

Reefs built in cooler waters by oysters and other shellfish are the world's most imperilled marine habitats, according to a report.

Devi estuary is one of the major tributaries of the Mahanadi riverine system in Orissa. Modernization and industrialization in its neighbourhood in the north in the recent past have greatly influenced many tributaries of the Mahanadi and the adjacent coastal environments.

GANDHINAGAR: The estuary of Narmada river, considered lifeline of Gujarat, is all set to become the lifeline for shipbuilding activities of India.

How do you choose between a wilderness and a power station? The tough choices associated with large-scale renewable energy projects are dividing the green movement.

This report addresses one of the greatest shortcomings of water resource development projects: the inadequate protection of environmental flow conditions in rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries, and groundwater systems. This deficiency has affected hundreds of millions of people whose lifestyles and well-being depend upon natural ecosystem services provided by healthy

Perennially contentious issues of water management in California are being brought to a head by climate change and rising earthquake risks.

Zn, Cu and Pb levels in the aquatic phase and underlying surface sediment from three stations (viz. Shankarpur, Canning and Bali Islands) of the coastal zone of West Bengal during different seasons in 2002 were recorded. The order of the heavy metal level in the ambient media of the selected stations is Zn> Cu> Pb.

Concentrations of Hg, total organic carbon (TOC), Al, Fe and Mn were determined in sediment of the Amba Estuary between the mouth and the head over a distance of 24 km in December and May during 1997-2002. Temporal and spatial changes in metal concentrations appear to be due to sediment movement associated with tidal movements.