the Union government increased the minimum support price of wheat, paddy, sugarcane, mustard, rapeseed and other agricultural commodities on October 9. The announcement was made after the Cabinet

Energy: Could new techniques for producing ethanol make old-fashioned trees the biofuel of the future?

Since its origins as a fuel blendstock in the 1980s, ethanol production in the United States has primarily been a creature of public policy.

Increased demand for ethanol and the financial participation of major lenders has sparked the construction of large production facilities outside the U.S. Midwest Corn Belt. Their new locations - deemed 'destination markets' - are closer to major markets for ethanol and its associated co-products.

Although the Ambani brothers have parted ways, Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani are busy in their pursuit to expand their businesses in the energy sector. While Anil is taking the nuclear route, Mukesh

Energy crisis jacks up prices, creates supply problems

Polluted fabric: Most textile factories in and around Bangladesh's capital Dhaka do not comply with environmental laws and cause severe pollution, the Bangladesh government's Directorate of

Ethanol, a safer alternative to MTBE, will now be mixed with petrol to curb emissions. Lopamudra Banerjee analyses the impact of this environment friendly decision

the us Environmental Protection Agency ( epa ) has denied California's request to waive the federal requirement for oxygenates in its reformulated gasoline, leaving the state with no choice

At a time when USA is banning MTBE , Indian public sector companies, with the blessings of the petroleum ministry babus, are promoting its use