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european union ( eu ) environment ministers moved closer to a moratorium on entry of new genetically modified organisms ( gmo s) in the market, at least until new rules can be

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Germany s new ecological tax reforms are ridden with flaws

An Austrian report calls for a ban on the pesticide lindane

EC prosecutes UK and France over pollution failures

The European Union (EU) was once again in the grip of a fishing controversy. After stormy discussions, EU fishery ministers agreed to reduce fishing capacities by up to 30 per cent

NOTWITHSTANDING the curbs imposed by the European Union (EU) on the fishing of endangered stocks in European waters, cod stocks in the North Sea am on the verge of extinction. Scientists of the

EVEN as fish catches across the world continue to decrease, in the European Union (EU), no great effort seems to be put into conserving the species. A concerned Emma Bonino, the EU

The sea of Senegal is bearing the brunt of overfishing and pollution. The fishing policy of the Euro