the biotech industry in the us is receiving brickbats from all directions. Some key grain processors, such as A E Staley Manufacturing, which is the us corn processing unit of

With falling sales, lawsuits and stringent measures in developed countries, tobacco companies have shifted their focus to developing countries. In 1998, tobacco firms spent US $10 billion in

a multi-billion dollar civil lawsuit

Eight countries decide that it is time to have uniform standards for vehicular emissions

a clash between the us and the European Union (eu) over the rules for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, as agreed in the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, seems to be inevitable. The us

romania's economic stability is being threatened by a severe drought that has destroyed a majority of the country's agricultural produce. Forestry and agriculture make up 14 per cent of the

Now, even babies are being exposed to the cancer causing dioxin

Europe is debating a ban on PVC due to environmental and health concerns. Industry is fighting back with a high profile campaign

the European Union (eu) has supported the compulsory labelling of genetically-modified (gm) ingredients that contain even more than one per cent of gm organisms. But experts

Forest cover in Europe is decreasing at an alarming rate, says a new study