Mozambique has become the fifteenth African nation to grant fishing rights to the European Union (EU). Under the pact, European vessels will be allowed to catch tuna and shrimp off the country's

A revolution in farming is in the offing across Europe, courtesy the new Water Framework Directive . The order must become a national law across the 15-nation European Union (eu) bloc by the

Antibiotics in meat make disease causing bacteria resistant to cures

Measuring efficiency of electric appliances fails to take off in India

There are fears that Britain could become a stockpile of used tyres with a change in the European Union (eu) directive prohibiting tyres to be dumped in landfills. Around 50 million tyres a year are

Dwindling fish stocks in the European seas have raised a wave of concern. And in a bid to save these stocks, the European Commission recently proposed drastic cuts in the European Union's (eu)

The reforms to the European Union's (eu) Common Fisheries Policy (cfp) are getting delayed, thanks to intense lobbying from Spain. Now, the reform proposal has been removed from the agenda of the

the European Union's (eu) efforts to boost passenger and goods transport on railways have not quite succeeded. The Eurostat report on transport infrastructure reveals that railway

To conserve wild species, the Con

to make sure that industries receiving sops in