The European Union (EU) was once again in the grip of a fishing controversy. After stormy discussions, EU fishery ministers agreed to reduce fishing capacities by up to 30 per cent

NOTWITHSTANDING the curbs imposed by the European Union (EU) on the fishing of endangered stocks in European waters, cod stocks in the North Sea am on the verge of extinction. Scientists of the

EVEN as fish catches across the world continue to decrease, in the European Union (EU), no great effort seems to be put into conserving the species. A concerned Emma Bonino, the EU

The sea of Senegal is bearing the brunt of overfishing and pollution. The fishing policy of the Euro

it is showdown time once again in Europe as uk channelises efforts towards reneging its promise of culling more than 125,000 cattle heads, touted as the only measure to reduce the risk of

INFLICTING eco-taxes may not be the right way to curb pollution, the European Commission has declared. In its policy paper on trade and environment released in the last week of February, it says

The third quality summit of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), held f rom November 2-4 at Bangalore, focussed on several initiatives adopted by India and the European Union to mark a

French peasants fearing withdrawal of subsidies under the European Community's agricultural policy must be relieved to find the just concluded GATT did not ask for any radical changes.

THE EUROPEAN Community has refused to fully compensate German farmers for rises in the D-Mark. Germany wants a restoration of the "switchover" system whereby each realignment of EC currencies pushes

New EC environment commissioner Jacques Delors is expected to take a much softer stand on England's environmental transgressions