Reflecting upon the fifth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization at Cancun, a Down To Earth editorial see: "How not to lose all", October 1

Crucial issues such as protection of traditional knowledge, and creation of an international regime on access to genetic resources and benefit sharing were taken up by two working groups of the Convention on Biological Diversity CBD in December. The bod

organic reservoir: Spreading an ultra-thin layer of organic molecules on the surface of reservoirs could prevent millions of cubic metres of water evaporating each year, according to Flexible

Mild cigarettes are drawing strong reactions in the European Union (eu). In tune with its campaign against smoking, the eu has ordered manufacturers not to brand their products as "mild' or

I t's not economic and political challenges alone that the eu countries plan to face together. They also intend putting up a united front against the growing threat of pollution. The European

September saw a slew of developments giving renewed impetus to the global movement against asbestos

The tone and tenor of the failed Fifth World Trade Organization WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun found an echo in the annual meetings of the World Bank WB and International Monetary Fund IMF in Dubai from September 20 to 22

How negotiations on issues moved, or didn’t

What of the Doha round? What of the WTO itself?

The intense heatwave that baked much of Europe for weeks has convinced many people about the changing climate