Developing countries also fear the huge costs associated with greener technologies, which will be unbearable by their domestic industries. It could make their goods uncompetitive in western markets.

However, the Doha declaration does not take a decision on whether countries with insufficient or no manufacturing capacities in the pharmaceutical sector will be allowed to import generic drugs to

The European Union buckles under the pressure of the developing countries to reduce agricultural subsidies

hungary has taken a significant step towards promoting renewable energy

The Philippines introduces stringent laws for GM products; six European countries in the dock for lax GMO laws

The French system of orgin labelling can be adopted for Indian medicine

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European and Japanese manufacturers are made responsible for recycling their products

Nations finally draft a treaty to combat the use of toxic chemicals like DDT and PCBs, which are known for their damning health effects

The European Union imposes strict restrictions on cod farming. But it could be too late