Farm trade: it s developing countries vs EU US

The regulations governing the European Union s chemical industry are set to undergo a drastic change, with special emphasis being laid on self regulation. This shift in focus was apparent in the draft of the EU s new chemical legislation, which was releas

The outcome of the fourth and final mini-ministerial before the Cancun conference in September was on predictable lines. No breakthrough was made on contentious issues regarding agricultural and

The eu's attempt to reform its Common Agricultural Policy (cap) has come a cropper. France blocked the latest compromise proposal taken up at the union's Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting on

why should four per cent of the agricultural workforce mostly affluent in high income countries reap the rich harvest of an international trade regime, when 70 per cent farmers predominantly indigent in developing countries get a raw deal under the sa

From January 1, 2004, European nations are likely to impose taxes for coal, natural gas and electricity. EU finance ministers recently reached a political agreement on a proposed directive to put in

The European court of first instance in Luxembourg recently refused to shield three of the world's largest tobacco companies from legal action linked to cigarette smuggling. The move was initiated

EU s cod quota reduction generates controversy

Overzealous conservationists block progress at CITES meet
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Even as the European Union (eu) is set to ban most new cosmetics tested on animals from 2009 and block their import, animal rights groups fear that some trials