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7,348 major disaster events had occurred between 2000 and 2019, claiming 1.23 lives, affecting 4.2 billion people and costing the global economy some $2.97 trillion.Of this, China (577 events) and the United States of America (U.S.) (467 events) reported the highest number of disaster events ,followed by India (321 events). Climate change is to be blamed for the doubling of natural disasters in the past 20 years says the report.

The individual commitments made by parties of the United Nations Paris Agreement are not enough to fulfill the agreement's overall goal of limiting global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees Ce

Based on high-resolution models, we investigate the change in climate extremes and impact-relevant indicators over Europe under different levels of global warming. We specifically assess the robustness of the changes and the benefits of limiting warming to 1.5°C instead of 2°C. Compared to 1.5°C world, a further 0.5°C warming results in a robust change of minimum summer temperature indices (mean, Tn10p, and Tn900p) over more than 70% of Europe. Robust changes (more than 0.5°C) in maximum temperature affect smaller areas (usually less than 20%).

Extreme weather events such as Hurricane Harvey are increasingly being linked to climate change in scientific studies Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Arusha — Hundreds of families of nomadic pastoralists living in the lowland areas of Arumeru District are among scores of herdsmen heavily impacted by climate change, a phenomenon associated with d

Climate change has already made a difference to life in the West African Sahel, the arid belt of land stretching from the Atlantic to the Red Sea which separates the Sahara desert from the African

Large accumulations of rainfall over a precipitation event can impact human infrastructure. Unlike precipitation intensity distributions, probability distributions for accumulations at first drop slowly with increasing size. At a certain size—the cutoff scale—the behavior regime changes, and the probabilities drop rapidly. In current climate, every region is protected from excessively large accumulations by this cutoff scale, and human activities are adapted to this.

Ninety per cent of the disasters that occurred during the past decade have been caused by floods, storms, heat waves and other weather-related events, according to a UN report.

Weather-related disasters have grown more frequent over the past 20 years, killing more than 6 lakh people, the UN said today, issuing a further call for nations to strike a landmark deal on climat